Friday, April 30, 2010


Today started out like all the days with an amazing breakfast at the buffet. Things I noticed this morning was I could type a lot better as the feeling in my right hand is there. I make fewer errors now and am able to go a lot faster. It always felt like I was moving someone else's hand when I typed. I began to realize that I wasn't feeling very well. I seem to have a cold that is in both my head and chest. I went to the mall for a short while then came back to the hotel to rest. I spent the afternoon resting then went for supper with the people liberated on Wednesday and Thursday. Raj, Tony, Myself, Mary (Holland), Ted (New Brunswick) Two other women from the Netherlands (not great with names). We went to Toscana which is in the mall attached to our hotel. The meal was lovely and the company even better.

I realized yesterday that my old habbit of drinking coffee in the evening has to stop. I couldn't get to sleep before 2 am and then I got up a little after 5 feeling "slept out". I went the whole day again without my stimmulant which is amazing for me. I am still awake at 10:30 pm and feel very alert. I am sure I will be able to sleep by midnight tonight as I did not intake any caffeinne this evening.

Tomorrow we will get a ride to Krakow (about 80 km away) and spend 3 days at the Qubus Hotel in Krakow Poland. On Tuesday we travel, leaving Poland at 10 am and arrive in Saskatoon at 7 pm. That will be 3 am Poland time. The trip here was long but I hope the one home does not have delays. Look forward to seeing everyone when i return and will try to keep posting updates as to my progress. I am doing amazingly well for someone that just had vascular surgery 2 days ago. Good night all and will talk to you again from Krakow Poland.

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