Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hi again, we arrived in Krakow today to spend three nights here before flying back to Canada. We decided to take the train instead of getting a driver to bring us to Krakow. I decided that we would stay at the same hotel chain the Qubus as we did in Katowice. This hotel is very luxurious and nice. I seem to be more tired today probably because we travelled. I have to keep in mind that I just had vascular surgery 3 days ago. I am still off my modafinil and look forward to going back to Canada and going off Copaxone. I will start a different drug LDN which is generic and hardly costs a thing. The savings on these drugs alone will be over 300/month. It won't take long to pay for my trip to Poland. Maybe this is the reason everyone is fighting getting us liberated, there are billions to be made off of us. The taxpayers of Saskatchewan alone pay 14 000 dollars a year for my Copaxone prescription. I am sure it would be cheaper for us MSers to be liberated at home and taken off these silly drugs that do nothing or kill us. I can't wait to watch the W5 program when I get home they always do such a good job keeping us informed. I need to do some touristy type shopping the next two days and do some touring. I look forward to getting home to my family and friends. Can't wait for that wonderful jet lag feeling. TTYL

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