Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy and Sad

Not sad about very much only that I am leaving tomorrow. Weird but I am also happy that I am leaving Poland tomorrow. At 2 am Saskatchewan time I will board my plane for Frankfurt, I can only hope I then make the connection to Calgary, then Saskatoon. If I don't make it I will probably have to cool my heels in Frankfurt. I have heard great stories from my brother Warren this trip about the European countries. From what I saw of Germany they enjoy order. They also enjoy power when they are accepting your passport. Warren was ready to have a cigarette and we waited for ever in a line, it seemed they enjoyed making us wait and watch out if someone of colour was at the wicket. Warren said that in Hell the cops are Germans, the cooks British, and the Italians run the train system. We had a good laugh at that.
I miss my family very much but I also love this city of Krakow very much. I have never seen anyplace so clean. They even have Disney beat. The food is amazing, we haven't had a bad meal yet and I must say that tonight's supper was the best. We went to this little Italian place in the old town. You could see right into the kitchen with an old pizza oven. There was one cook and he was fantastic. I had Lasagne and Warren had Caniloni. Wow, both meals were great. It was the real deal. I always trust places where I can watch the cook in the kitchen, there is a level of trust. We walked a ton today and Warren is very tired. I am not too bad even though I have not taken my stimmulant since the day before my surgery April 27th. I stormed the Wawel Castle today, what an amazing place. We could not do the tour of the castle but we saw the cathedral where all the kings were burried. It was very interesting, we rented headphones and they acted as a tour guide would but you could hear them. I think the president must be burried in the castle part. We learned a lot of Polish history then went back to the hotel for a rest. We hopped the tram again and went down for our wonderful supper. I will have to pack but I find it so much easier packing from a hotel room vs home because you don't have to think you just have to take everything.
Seeing my family will be very exciting for me. I don't think my kids have ever known me well. I am not saying I am cured but I will say I have no MS symptoms. If you did an MRI of my brain tomorrow there would still be lesions there but I won't guarntee they will be there next year. I owe a debt of gratitude to many people for making it easy for me to hop a plane across the Atlantic. To Jim for encouraging and financing the trip. For Tavia and Teal for being excited for me. To my mom for coming and helping at our place. To Cliff for visiting and breaking up my absense. To Kent Carlson for taking my position at work alowing me the confidence to leave. For the Long family for looking after my little Emma which took a great deal of stress off my family. To Kim Wisse for helping Teal at the recital. To all the people that made it easy on my family during my absense. I owe you all a deep gratitude and it may not seem like much to you but it is really big to me. God bless you all and thanks so much. Will see you soon. The new but actually old me. The way I was before my MS symptoms got out of control.

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