Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Going to Get Ugly!

Here is a great article by Dr. Ashton Embry explaining why it is going to get ugly with regards to this treatment becoming available. http://
He does a great job explaining both sides and it boils down to the MS Society and Neurologists having everything to lose having us treated and we MSers have everything to gain by getting treatment. Who will win in the end? Hopefully us but it will get ugly. The MS Society and Neuros first of all do not realize the power of the Internet and the intelligence of many MSers. We are not the idiots they think we are. Upon my return I will look into educating the people of Canada and doing something with regards to the MS Society to bring them down. I am only one small person in Canada but I carry a big stick. I have family and friends aflicted with this terrible disease and it needs to stop.

If you are a tax payer and concerned it will cost too much for this treatment we must look at the math. Each year the tax payers of Saskatchewan pay 14 000 dollars towards my Copaxone, there is a different drug (LDN) which is a fraction of the price and not offered by the neuros. Why? They get kick backs from the drug companies for prescribing the MS drugs. The taxpayers also pay for my neuro appointments, I am sure they are not cheap. If I was to go down hill there will be the cost of home care and eventually I would be a young woman in a nursing home possibly on life support. What would the cost of that be? You the taxpayers are getting ripped off badly. There is a huge market for us to be ill and they (Neuros, MS Society) will do everything in their power to keep is that way. Now that I don't feel the devastating symptoms of MS I am very angry. You tax payers should be just as angry. I will ask that you no longer give the MS Society any funds and I will be doing anything possible to get those funds you have already given in the name of MS out of there. I will be looking into what I and my MSers can do legally as they are no longer representing what they say they do. The CEO of the MS Society in Canada makes over 450 000 dollars a year as well as benefits. If they have an anual meeting it would be held at a place like the Banff Springs hotel. It is time my friends to stop this nonsense and I will do anything in my power to do so.

Now for a positive note, I am going to tour Krakow today. It is a major national holiday to do with their constitution. Euromedic sent me a message stating that today is a holiday and gave me the wiki information on it. All of the trams and businesses have the Polish(Polsky) flag out and it is really a big deal. I cannot wait to go into the Wawel (pronounced Vavel) castle and cathedral. Unbelievable churches and cathedrals here, I can see why communism did not work here these people are very religious. I am very excited to be home but I could use another few days here. Glad I added the extra days for after the procedure when I feel well. It is hard to believe but I am forgetting what it felt like to have MS symptoms. I never thought it would be possible to forget. I also agree with the statement that you don't know how sick you are until you feel better. I am living proof that this procedure is what needs to be done and I am not a quiet reserved person that will let this go. If you have MS or know someone that does please get treatment. I can't say this statement enough.

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