Sunday, May 2, 2010

How to Save Money in Poland

Travel during a national-holiday weekend is a way to save money. May 1 and 3 are both national holidays. With Sunday being between those dates there has been little open here. I did manage to find some things but it wasn't easy. What a great day we had in Krakow, Poland. Found on my MS Forum some great advice that I thought I would share with you on who to call if you have trouble. My GP wrote me a letter of referral and I will use that to claim my trip with Revenue Canada. I will be looking for a vascular surgeon when I return to Canada. Hope they aren't jerks like most neurologists.
Today we began our day like the others with a total pig out breakfast. We decided to travel like the locals do and head on a tram. For 2.50 Zloty you can ride a tram. We went to a massive mall like the West Ed and decided that it would be like North America so we went to Old town. What a great place. There was a cathedral there called St. Mary's, we had a hard time keeping our mouths open when we went inside. The building didn't look like much from the outside but holy cow on the inside it was crazy. We decided there was enought gold in their to solve all of Haiti's problems. There were so many alters that a person didn't know where to turn. We toure around that area for a bit then came back the the hotel for a rest. We set off towards Wawel Casle later on and they have a ton of churches/cathedrals in a 2 block radius. We didn't go in all of them as we are saving some time for tomorrow. There was also a monument for "Katyn", the murder of the 22 000 military elite by the Russians in the 30s. I wanted to see if the cathedral and castle would be open tomorrow. What amazed me is I climbed a huge ramp/stairs going up to the cathedral and castle. This cathedral was where Pope John Paul II was the archbishop. We are going to this castle tomorrow. I was so impressed MS wise that I could climb this huge set of stairs. I left Warren at the bottom and boogied on up. Before I had the liberation I wouldn't have been able to do that, only in my dreams. After Wawel we went for supper at a quaint Russian restaurant. The food was great and it was so nicely decorated. I am back in my room now just after 8, I am getting things organized for my trip back home on Tuesday. I am going to mail some of my clothes back to myself because my bag will be too heavy. Good thing I couldn't buy too many sourveniers as I have no room. Hope all is well with everyone, it is sure great here. What a beautiful country and people. Poland is my new favourite place. With all of the churches here and saints it is no wonder that I experienced a miracle in Poland. I had forgotten my camera and duckie today so I will go back tomorrow to take some pics. Will keep you posted and hope all is well with everyone.

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