Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Found a computer

I cannot say enough good things about the people that work at the Qubus Hotel in Katowice. One of the front dest guys came to a Kiosk with me to be a translator. I will for sure have to leave him a good tip. The money here is the Polish Zloty. It cost me 38 dollars CDN to purchase 100 Zloty. Warren (my brother) and I had a gourmet meal last night for 98 Z for both. In Saskatchewan that would be like eating at John's Prime Steak House in Saskatoon. Very high end restarant. Looked at the mall connected to my hotel. A bottle of designer perfume is 100 Z which is not really that much at home. Can't wait to feel well and be able to tour around more post liberation treatment. I am having a great time learning a new country and making a lot of friends. I really feel a connection with my MS friends here. What a bond we all have. In speaking with my driver he said the most people they have here are from Holland. Today I drove with Inga as she was going to her procedure at the hospital. She was from Holland and is in a wheel chair with total paralysis on her right side. How fortunate am I to have this opportunity before I got to this stage. Every night I make sure that I give thanks for all that I have. To even have something positive to look forward to regarding my help is huge. I am so very thankful for the Polish people and how they have welcomed us into there country. Talk to you later. Don't forget I am still incredible jet lagged and I have MS brain fog. A lot of my posts are probably the ramblings of a crazy lady.

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