Friday, April 23, 2010

How it started.

I am very lucky to have family that supports my journey for wellness. My husband Jim has been wonderful since I became ill. I feel so bad that my illness has caused so much stress in our lives. If it wasn't for Jim I don't think I would have been able to make it. I understand that suicide is big with MS patients and I know Jim is a big reason that I am still here.

August 28, 2008 I went to emergency at RUH in Saskatoon with what my GP said was stroke-like symptoms. He assured me that he didn't think it was a stroke but knew something was up. Jim had just started a very late harvest and I called saying I had to leave for Saskatoon. Of course more stress making pressure for him to get out from under the combine, shower, drive to Rosetown then drive me to Saskatoon wondering what is wrong.

Immediately I was taken into emergency (no waiting room for me) I saw a neurologist resident then the chief resident came in followed by the head neurologist. I had about 30 tubes of blood taken and sent for a CT scan. Coming out of the scan the chief resident told me they saw white spots in the brain these could be old strokes or MS legions. I immediately turned to Jim and said Oh #*@!, it's MS. What took us so long to figure out it was MS? My dad died from this terrible disease. Not over yet need to officially rule out stroke so more trips to the city to go through the stroke clinic. Once stroke ruled out I finally had an MRI in December to get a better look at my brain. Hope was dashed in January when my official MS diagnosis came. Jim and I both in the neurologists office and she asked me if I had headaches, she asked this same thing at the stroke clinic and I had said no. To that question about headaches I said no but I have incredible pressure on my neck (right side) and it feels like a 200 pound man is sitting on my neck. She told me that this had nothing to do with neurology and to tell her something she can deal with. Later in June I gave her the same symptoms and she freaked on me, of course these were never recorded and I look back now thinking she must have known about the Zamboni theory then and thought I was fishing or something.

November 2009, not feeling too well and sleeping late 6:50 I get a call from my friend that woke me up. She said watch Canada AM there is something big about MS, something to do with the veins in the neck. I watched the blurb and then couldn't wait to see the full program on W5. Told Jim this is it because that has been my biggest complaint was my neck and the the theory made sense to me. I felt vascular problems in my neck and down my arm. Immediately on Monday I thought where could I go to get this done? I thought the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minn, Phoned and they said they would have nothing to do with a vascular problem if I had MS and would not be able to go there. I couldn't believe my ears. Looked at the W5 website and started e-mailing. Joined Facebook CCSVI and TIMS (this is ms) What a lot of work I did.

A ton of new friends later I had a huge network at my fingertips. I had e-mailed Dr. Simka in Poland and didn't hear anything. I wanted my brother Warren to look into going to China but that was too difficult. People were getting dates in Poland and I wasn't hearing anything back from them. I learned on tims that Bulgaria was beginning so I immediately e-mailed. Then I thought I should email Poland and complain that people that e-mailed after me are getting dates. Shortly after Bulgaria said i had June 2010 and then I got one from Poland saying October 2010. Now what? I emailed Poland said that I would take 2010 and told Bulgaria I would go there but summer would be better. I told Poland if they had any cancellations I would take them. I kinda wanted to go to Poland because they had done more procedures there and Bulgaria was just beginning in April. On the 8th of April I got an email from Euromedic that I could get there on the 26th and have the procedure on the 28th. WHAT? My wishes came true! After talking to Jim he said for sure go and then there is more stress on him. Seeding is coming.

Not only Jim has helped me but so has my mom. Just having surgery in January she is coming to help watch my daughters while I am gone and Jim seeds. Next Blog will be about my getting ready.

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