Thursday, April 29, 2010

An Energetic Day

Here is the image that I have copied from my MRV. It is kind of confusing but the left side is my right jugular vein, you can see the dark line through the vein. This area caused the reflux of "dirty" blood going back up to my brain. As soon as the doctors ballooned my vein there was no more reflux. They showe me this right on the table. It is good to see that I have a heart, some days I did wonder. LOL
I was very careful today to make sure that I did not do very much. It is just after 11pm the day after my liberation procedure. I arrived at the hotel just after 8 am and had breakfast. I ate at the wonderful buffet and then went up to my room for a while. My brother came with me to the pharmacy which is very close to the hotel. I purchased the Fraxiaprine (blood thinner) that I will take for seven days. This drug is given by injection and will keep me from having a fatal thrombosis. The rest of the day I just kicked around the hotel. I did not take my daily stimmulant today and you would never know it. I have a ton of energy (that isn't fake) and do not feel the need to rest. Warren and I have made a lot of friends here that are sharing the same journey that we are. Raj is here with his wife and young daughter. Raj lives in Hong Kong and is in a wheel chair. He is a young man in his early thirties. As soon as I could get out of bed and go talk to him yesterday I asked how he felt, he said it's like someone turned the lights on. He feels amazing and what is really weird is that he developed a bladder infection. He told me that when he would get an infection before his liberation he would be very bad, maybe even in the hospital. Today he said with the infection he feels better than he did before he had the procedure. We are all so shocked with how great we feel. I am excited to see what happens in the future, just one day has shown me so many changes with how I feel. I will share my day with you.
First of all I have to say that I had my first warm shower this afternoon and felt really well after. For those of you that are unaware, if I had a warm/hot shower I would be disabled (have trouble getting out of the shower). I felt great with no problems lifting my leg out today. While doing the little walking that I did today I noticed I was walking kinda funny. I was putting more energy into lifting my right leg than I needed to, this made me walk funny because it was being lifted so high. It will take a while for me to get used to not needing to lift my right leg so strongly. I also noticed that I am better at typing. I was unable to feel my right hand before the procedure and I really have a lot better sensation. I noticed I could feel my hand right after the treatment on the table. While typing this morning I looked up into the mirror, I saw that my cheeks were kind of rosy. I was worried that I was getting a fever so I touched my face which was cool. After doing that I realized with my vein trouble the colouring of my cheeks had been off, they were just normal now. Another big change is when I swallow now there doesn't feel like there is a big lump in my throat. I can also see, smell, and taste better. I didn't realize that these senses were as bad before. It is kind of the feeling when you are sick and get better, you didn't realize how sick you were.
This evening we went up to the sky bar for coffee and a visit with Raj and his wife. It was so much fun to be able to visit and not feel like you needed to go to bed. Raj said he was able to sit up at the table instead of leaning back on the booth. We are both so happy that I don't think we will get over this feeling. What seems so small to the people that have all of these functions normally is really huge for us MSers. I will now live each day appreciating the small stuff and helping those with MS.
Poland is a beautiful country filled with beautiful (inside and out) people. The women could all be models and the men are very fit. I would recommend anyone come to Poland the dollar (Zloty) here is not very strong against our Canadian dollar. We get 3 Zloty for 1 CDN. I will be able to do a lot more tomorrow and we will go do some touring of this area. On Saturday we will leave for Krakow and tour there for 3 days. Our life is good, we are enjoying our time here but our focus is still on resting. I have to admit it is hard to rest when you feel really energized. Take care all and look forward to seeiing you when I return.

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