Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Last Supper

Hi all, we went to have the MRV tonight at a hospital that is quite far from the Qubus hotel. There was just Tony from the UK and I going this evening. This test is done in an MRI but it is of the veins. I really don't like MRIs, I have had two previous to this evening. I must be honest that I close my eyes when they start to push me in. I was given ear plugs that were very good but it is still very load in the machine. This test was not a typical MRI as you had to do some breathing. The tech asks you to breathe in, out then push. This must be to make the veins pop for the pictures. You have to hold your breath for 15 seconds and I was very thankful that I had quit smoking years ago. It is 11:30 pm now and I am going to have a good sleep tonight. I made sure to not rest today so I could get on the Poland time zone. My brother Warren seems to be enjoying his time here as well. We both love the country and the people. Don't let anyone tell you that Poland is a third-world country. It is a beautiful place full of wonderful people. We got back to the hotel and had another wonderful meal at the restaurant here. I called this post the last supper because I won't be eating tomorrow. Don't think I will waiste away though lots in storrage. Every day I am thankful for my stubborness and my family's support (Mom, Jim, Tavia, Teal and Warren) for helping me get here. For all of my friends and family that pray for me and offer encouragment. I am one of the luckiest people in the world and what makes that great is that I know it.

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