Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today is the day

Here I am at my computer with nothing but excitement building. I had a great sleep last night, not too long but rested. I will be used to the time change just when I need to return back to Canadian time. Spent time with tests (MRV, eye test) yesterday. Warren and I went to a huge mall and couldn't believe how many stores there were there. My adapter purchased at "The Source" in Lloydminister SK was the wrong one, couldn't believe it when I got here. We went to the mall looking for an alarm for Warren (no clocks in rooms here) and an adapter for me. We were directed to a store called Saturn and took us a while to find it. The Saturn chain is very large, something like a future store. Poland has come out of the Communist era quite nicely. It is neet to see a huge mall (City Centre) in the midst of old Communist structures. The people are nice and helpful here of course they laugh at my 'weirdness'.
The ability to talk to anyone is a trait that I have proudly learned from my dad. When I was a young teenager I would be embarrassed at how he would talk to people he didn't know. I do this same thing which I know makes my own children shake their heads in embarrassment. I must admit that the ability to engage in conversation with anyone is a trait I proudly take from my dad.
I know that my dad is with me on my journey here. I feel such a calmness and that I am doing the right thing. All of the signs have pointed me in this direction. I have such faith in the people doing the procedure and my ablility to heal. All that has happened in my life is for a reason and I use each new experience as education. No matter what happens today (whether I feel better or not) I have no regrets! I have learned who really cares about me as well. True friends show themselves when you need them. All the best to my friends and family and fellow MSers. What a beautiful world.

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